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Thinking about purchasing a sailboat?  In under 48 hours, AquaFacts Marine Surveyors will provide you with clear and concise report that can save you time, money, and headaches.

Expect honest, straightforward advice as Craig Morley inspects and addresses all aspects of your perspective sailboat. From discerning signs of damage, corrosion, rot and fatigue to hulls, engines, propellers, mechanical systems and safety equipment etc., all evaluated and provided to you in a detailed report. View Sample Report

All insurance companies accept AquaFacts surveys:

Expect honest, straightforward advice as Craig addresses obvious and not so obvious signs of use and abuse, workmanship, design and quality issues.

The result is an expert, and highly detailed written survey provided in less than 48 hours.

Types of Sailboat Surveys Offered

Many surveyors offer several different types of surveys such as the “Pre-Purchase Survey” or the “Insurance Survey” and individual pricing for each survey type.

The purpose of ANY survey is to accurately report the vessel’s current Condition and Value (C&V).  The process to arrive at that current “Condition” must be a very complete and thorough investigation of the vessel’s hull(s) and all the systems and equipment. The Current Condition is then used to establish the Current Value. The market research process to establish a current “Value” must be every bit as thorough and can only be undertaken after the vessel’s physical inspection has been completed, evaluated and complied into the “Condition” portion of the Survey Report.

If you are getting a cheaper therefore less thorough survey – what is being left out?  How is the proper value arrived at? Why would you or your insurance company expect anything less than a complete and thorough survey?

“AquaFacts Marine Surveyors and Yachting Services” perform only “Condition and Value” surveys, which are a valuable tool for many uses:

  • Pre-Purchase – The current defects, problems or issues and the Current Value will all be…
  • Financing – Your lender, no matter who they may be, will want the…
  • Insurance – Before coverage is offered, most insurance companies require…

Other Services Offered for You and Your Sailboat:

Request your survey today, or call us to discuss your particular situation.


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