Accredited Power, Sail, & Diesel Surveys

Is this your first boat, moving up in size, sail to power or power to sail, mono-hull to multi-hull? Many NEW, intriguing and intimidating possibilities!

AquaFacts Marine Surveyors and Yachting Services can assist you with the familiarization of your New to You vessel at the point of purchase or with you and your crew aboard while underway to its new homeport.

  • We will custom tailor an instruction package for you and your crew on your own vessel for the complete beginner to offshore storm management techniques.
  • Handling instruction of power or sailing vessels, while under power in close quarters and docking situations
  • Sailing instruction (Basic to Offshore) on all sizes and rig configurations
  • The basic course for new sailors requires approx. 24 hrs of instruction broken down into 3 or 4 hour lessons, or all day for several weekends.

Our long time experience with sailing instruction, delivering vessels, surveying, repairing and upgrading for offshore passages and different climates has prepared us to assist you with all possible scenarios.

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AquaFacts Marine Surveyors & Yachting Services

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