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The engine is the single most expensive piece of machinery on the vessel.  Every Vessel – Power or Sail – has an engine.   The purchase price of a marine engine, in itself, is only a small portion of the actual cost to repair or replace a worn out or defective engine. We refer to boats or yachts as “Pleasure Vessels”. There is no pleasure in dealing with engine problems, whether tied to the dock or especially underway, adding DANGER to the disappointment and frustration of having to pay mechanics and marinas.

On a typical Condition and Valve survey, the engine(s) are NOT and usually CANNOT be operated with the vessel sitting on a cradle or stands. If the vessel is in the water, it may be started and run briefly at the dock. The surveyor will report pertinent engine information, number of hours (if available), oil level, belt condition, any apparent leaks or external defects, etc. With out specialized training, specialized tools and equipment for further testing, that will be the extent of the surveyors knowledge of the engine(s).

Very few surveyors are trained and certified mechanics. Craig Morley AMS, Y&SC is also an Interprovincial Class “A” Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Truck and Coach Technician with a Diesel Endorsement since 1981.

An Engine Survey and/or Sea-Trials will reveal any internal engine or performance issues that, if left undiscovered, could put you in an unsafe position as well as cost a lot of money and lost “Pleasure”

Diesel Engine Surveys

DIESEL engines are very specialized power plants and should only be attended to by trained and experienced mechanics. AquaFacts Marine Surveyors and Yachting Services specialize in DIESEL ENGINE SURVEYS and SEA-TRIALS.

The diesel engine survey and sea-trial go hand-in-hand as a diesel engine’s condition, operation, performance and maximum power output cannot be properly evaluated unless the engine(s) can be brought up to normal operating temperature. This can rarely be achieved with the vessel stationary, even securely tethered and running in gear at the dock. The vessel must get underway to bring the engines and running gear up to operating temperatures and only then can everything be properly observed, inspected, tested and confirmed.

Contact AquaFacts Marine Surveyors and Yachting Services for a quote and to book your Diesel Engine Survey and Sea-Trials.

Gasoline Powered Vessels

Most marinas and boat dealers employ “Factory Trained” technicians that specialize in the various makes and types of newer gasoline engines – whether – inboard or outboard, two or four stroke.  Due to the complexity of modern computerized, fuel injected GASOLINE engines, AquaFacts Marine Surveyors generally refer any GASOLINE engine performance issues identified during a Sea-Trial to an appropriate “Certified Dealer Trained” technician. AquaFacts Marine Surveyors will however SURVEY, sea-trial, service and repair carbureted gasoline powered, power or sailing vessels upon request.

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