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Detailed Marine Survey Reports In Less Then 48 Hours!

Marine-survey-reportAre you thinking about purchasing a pleasure vessel, power or sail? AquaFacts Marine Surveyors will provide you with clear and concise information that could save you time and money.

Craig Morley of AquaFacts Marine Surveyors will inspect all aspects of your vessel. From discerning signs of fatigue, buckling, corrosion to, overseeing hulls, rigging, propellers, engine, mechanical systems, as well as evaluating safety equipment and much more!

Expect honest, straightforward advice as Craig addresses obvious and not so obvious signs of use and abuse, workmanship and design quality.

The result is an expert, and highly detailed, written survey provided in less than 48 hours.


AquaFacts Marine Surveys are Accepted By All Insurance Companies.

Craig Morley offers over 30 years of experience and is SAMS accredited, which means AquaFacts surveys are accepted by all insurance companies.

Is getting a marine survey smart… Absolutely! And depending on the price, size, and intended use of the craft- it could be the smartest financial decision you make when searching for a boat. The bigger the financial sacrifice on your part, the bigger the loan… the smarter and more important finding the right surveyor is.


Call Us for Your Customized Marine Survey.


Sailboat Surveys ~ Clear and concise survey reports for sailboats.


Powerboat Surveys ~ Clear and concise survey reports for powerboats.


Engine Surveys & Sea Trials ~ Protect Your Investment & Protect Yourself! The engine is the single most expensive piece of machinery on the vessel.


Rigging Survey ~ Some insurance companies request a Rigging-Only survey from time to time on older and especially salt-water vessels.



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